About Us

Welcome to Tianyi588.com!

This is our small website offering to the world wide web.

We are a company based in Singapore that aims to provide the best Singapore classifieds website for all users in Singapore and overseas.

Our founder realised that while there are several established English classified websites like Carousell and big international brands like Craiglist but there seems to be distinct lack of Chinese classified ads to cater to the larger community at large.  

This is where we hope to provide the best classified listings to Chinese users.     

With the advert of technology and increasing prevalence of mobile application (apps), we appear to forget there are quite a number of us who still prefers the old school website surfing on their computer or ipad and not on mobile phones. 

With this is mind, we strive to provider them with the best user experience when accessing our Singapore classifieds by its simple-to-use workflows.  As we grow in our local traffic and international users, we also hope for potential advertisers to approach us for business opportunities as we have the group-buy option for ready buyers and paid advertisement services to showcase their amazing products to more eyeballs.

Having an online classified website is a good choice for both consumers and advertisers:

  1. It is easier for locality consumers to find what they are looking for:
  2. It is easier to search & browse online than app;
  3. It is more effective to qualify interest when listings contain more descriptive information (e.g., more text, photos, virtual tours, etc.); and
  4. It is quicker to contact  with seller (via email or phone).

For sellers, online listings are free and cost nothing:

  1. Basic ads can be listed free and no cost involved;
  2. It is easier to accept inbound requests via email or phone;
  3. Listings attract better prospects when they contain more descriptive information; and
  4. Advertisers can edit or delete a listing easily after sale or at any time.

We therefore decided to create the best Chinese classifieds website to solve these problems and Tianyi588.com was born subsequently.

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We are growing daily.

We would like to hear from you on any comment and suggestion, please feel free to contact us at sales@tianyi588.com

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